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Web3.0-Semantic web

August 12, 2009
Web3.0=Web2.0+Semantic web
Web3.0 is based on the concept of Semantic mark up. Semantic mark up is nothing but the communication gap that exists between the human users and software applications. It is actually based on artificial intelligence which is the process of making computers behave as human beings.
In web3.0, the web content is represented in natural language that can be understood not only by humans but by machines as well. It is really a hard concept for developers to understand. The syntax rules that need to be framed for building the natural language is something very challenging in a semantic web or commonly called Web3.0-the READ-WRITE-EXECUTE web.

Attempts are being made to access databases as webpages in Web3.0. Still it may take a long way to go for web3.0 to become fully developed.

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