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Web2.0 services,Adv and Disadv,Developers’ note and caution

August 12, 2009

Services offered by Web2.0:
1. Rich Internet Application:
AJAX is one of the tools for designing a rich user interface. It is a combination of several web-development techniques like XHTML, XMLHttpRequest and XML.AJAX enables quicker response by exchanging small amounts of data with the server. It permits updating a small portion of the interface instead of refreshing the entire page and reloading it to the browser thereby rendering possible, asynchronous communication between the client and the server.
Similarly, Google Web Toolkit enables rich user interface by offering many widgets like Pushbutton, Togglebutton, Menubar, PopupPanel, TabBar, StackPanel, HorizontalPanel, etc.

2. Folksonomies:
The word Folksonomy is a combination of folk and taxonomy. It refers to the collaborative but unsophisticated way in which information is being categorized on the web. Instead of using a centralized form of classification, users can assign freely chosen keywords, called tags to pieces of information or data and this process is known as tagging. For ex. A video displaying a cat can be tagged cat, cute and so on.

3. Mashup:
It is nothing but a hybrid web application which combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool. For ex. Cartographic data from Google Maps can be used to add location information to real-estate data from Craigslist, thereby creating a new and distinct web service that was not originally provided by either source.

4. Blogs:
Blog is a webpage in which anybody can post an entry on any topic and readers can view and provide feedbacks on the topics. One need not be skilled in any technology for using a blog. A blog can contain not only text but video, audio, podcast, links to other web pages and so on.
Certain business organizations use blogs as intranets while some others use it as an effective marketing tool to remain in touch with customers and hear their concerns that can ultimately serve as an early warning system of potential problems.

5. Wiki:
A Wiki is an effective collaboration tool for interconnecting users.Wikis are of great significance in corporates which constitute people with knowledge in different domains.Wiki is a means by which this scattered knowledge can be unified and stored in one common repository facilitating sharing of information. It is a knowledge base for any organization.
For ex. Wikipedia. Users can contribute and modify content and link to different webpages for viewing a topic of their choice.

6. Forum:
An internet forum is a collaborating tool where members of the forum post their content and have discussions on varied topics spanning different areas like technology, for instance. Registered members of the forum also have previledge to initiate a discussion on any topic, edit their previous posts and change profile settings and so on. A forum is also termed Discussion Board or Bulletin Board.
7) Social Networking sites:
A community of people building a system is called social network. For ex.Youtube,Slideshare

8) Content Management Systems:
They are software meant for managing the content of websites.

9) News promotion system:
There are certain sites like digg where users can post news. There is no editorial board to review the content.After polling, the news that has received the maximum number of votes will be published on the front page to be viewed by millions of users.

A collection of digital media files made available by syndication feeds(which refers to a portion of the website content) and distributed over the internet.It can be downloaded and played.One can subscrie to podcasts by RSS.

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