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Web2.0 application principles

August 12, 2009
1) Network as platform:
The internet is growing at an incredible rate with number of users increasing day by day. This growing user base has enabled companies to leverage the internet￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs network effects in order to derive the positive benefits of network.
It is necessary to prevent hackers from resorting to illegal means for disrupting user activities. Advanced algorithms are also being used to figure out real blogs from unreal ones designed to exploit users. Hence it is essential to ensure a feeling of security among users by enabling meaningful connections, filtering signal from noise, providing trusted filters and so on.
Sites like the Youtube which have exploited this network effect have become very successful. But as number of users goes on increasing, it may lead to congestion and bandwidth problems. By devising mechanisms to eliminate network issues, the network can be made to serve as an effective platform for establishing connectivity among users.
2) Architecture of Participation:
Architecture of participation means a community of users build a system.
Some sites like youtube that primarily rely on the contributions of the users have an architecture of participation in order to enable users contribute content and add value to the application.
For ex. Email a friend is one of the architectures of participation found on some sites and is referred to as the Social push process.
3) Harnessing the collective intelligence:
The main power of the web lies in it￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs ability to harness collective intelligence which is nothing but the contributions made by millions of users around the globe. Here we are going to discuss the varied ways by which companies are trying to maximize user activity to harness collective intelligence. It is essential to remember that a Link or hyperlink is the very basis of connectivity over a web by means of which the web keeps growing to unimaginable proportions.
a) Sites like Yahoo harness collective intelligence by serving as a portal to the contributions of it￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs users while also involved in creating their own content.
b) Google is the indisputable leader in the search market because they mainly use the link structure of the web in enabling users find the content.
c)Users are given a more bigger role to play in websites like as they have more user-reviews which are utilized by the company for producing better search-results.
d) Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia facilitates both adding and editing of any content by any web user.
4) Rich user interface:
The sites employing Web2.0 offer rich, user-friendly interfaces by implementing tools like AJAX, GWT, etc.
5) Software above the level of a single device:
The PC is not the only platform for accessing internet applications.
For ex.iTunes is not a web application but one of the first media player software applications designed to span multiple devices.
Many sites have implemented some or all of these principles.
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