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Time Management-Tips

August 12, 2009

Some simple Time Management Tips are given Below:

1. Writing Things Down:

A common time management si to-do-list to write things down is a great way

to take control of your projects and task amd keep yourself organized.

2. Prioritize Your List:

it help you to focus and spend more of time on the things .Rate your tasks into

categories using the ABCD priority system described in the time management


3. Plan your week:

Spend some time at the beginning of the week to plan your schedule.Taking

the extra time to do this will to increase the productivity .

4. Carry a Note Book :

we never know when we are going to have a great idea ,so carry a note book

with us wherever we go we can capture our thoughts.Another options we can

use digital recorder.

5. Learn to say No:

Many people will  have heavy work because they have overcommit;they say yes when

when they reall saying we have to learn to say no to low priority requests  and

we will free up time to spend on things that are very important.

In online there is lot of tips to keep time management ,we can study the online course also .

some Toolkits are available ,we call it as productivity stsrt-up Kit.  This kits contains very valuable

tools.This kit is free one ,anyone can get it.

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