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The fundamental flaws of Web1.0 design

August 12, 2009
The Fundamental Flaws of Web 1.0
1. The click, wait and page refresh interactionmodel:
This model is meant for browsing and not interacting with the application. Interactive applications are those that are based on asynchronous communication between the client and server.
2. Lack of support for two-way communications:
The web 1.0 communication based on HTTP is a client-pull model that can be initiated by the client only. Server can not initiate communications with clients. Though this may suffice for browsing, certain enterprise applications like stock trading require the server to push stock prices to the end user, thereby relying on Server-Push.
3. Lack of support for messaging reliability:
With only a HTTP REQUEST/RESPONSE model based on Only Client Pull, it may be quite unpredictable as to whether messages are delivered properly at the server side. Furthermore this model does not ensure if the request is delivered just once, that too in the same order in which it originated at the client-side especially when more than one request is raised in a row and, so on which are some of the most critical requirements for enterprise applications. Moreover the highly distributed and heterogeneous nature of the internet does not guarantee any such delivery, also taking into account the frequent network disruptions encountered.
4. Lack of support for mobile devices:
During Web1.0 era, mobile web was an afterthought but now the industry is attempting to make the web content available and useable on mobile devices. For ex. apples itunes is platform-independent.
5. Lack of support for rich user experience:
A greater interactivity is required on the part of users for business applications which cannot be achieved with ordinary browsers.
6 Lack of support for offline computing
Web1.0 applications are online and do not have this feature.
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