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Test Plan

August 12, 2009
Test Plan:
A software project test plan is a document that describes the objectives, scope,
approach, and focus of a software testing effort.
Items in Test Plan:
1. Title
2. Identification of software including version/release numbers
3. Revision history of document including authors, dates, approvals
4. Table of Contents
5. Purpose of document, intended audience
6. Objective of testing effort
7. Software product overview
8. Relevant related document list, such as requirements, design documents, other test
plans, etc.
9. Relevant standards or legal requirements
10. Traceability requirements
11. Relevant naming conventions and identifier conventions
12. Overall software project organization and personnel/contact-info/responsibilties
13. Test organization and personnel/contact-info/responsibilities
14. Assumptions and dependencies
15. Project risk analysis
16. Testing priorities and focus
17. Scope and limitations of testing
18. Test outline : a decomposition of the test approach by test type, feature, functionality,
process, system, module, etc. as applicable
19. Outline of data input equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, error classes
20. Test environment : hardware, operating systems, other required software, data
configurations, interfaces to other systems
21. Test environment setup and configuration issues
22. Test data setup requirements
23. Database setup requirements
24. Outline of system-logging/error-logging/other capabilities, and tools such as screen capture software,
that will be used to help describe and report bugs
25. Discussion of any specialized software or hardware tools that will be used by testers to help track the
cause or source of bugs
25. Test automation – justification and overview
26. Test tools to be used, including versions, patches, etc.
27. Test script/test code maintenance processes and version control
28. Problem tracking and resolution – tools and processes
29. Project test metrics to be used
30. Reporting requirements and testing deliverables
31. Software entrance and exit criteria
32. Initial sanity testing period and criteria
33. Test suspension and restart criteria
34. Personnel allocation
35. Personnel pre-training needs
36. Test site/location
37. Outside test organizations to be utilized and their purpose, responsibilties, deliverables, contact
persons, and coordination issues
38. Relevant proprietary, classified, security and licensing issues.
39. Open issues
40. Appendix – glossary, acronyms, etc.
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