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Test Plan – Contents

August 12, 2009
3.Scope of Testing
4.Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
5.Business and Technical Requirements
6.Test Objectives
8.Test Approach
9.Entry and Exit Criteria
9.1.1.Entry Criteria
9.1.2.Exit Criteria
10.Test Planning
10.1.Testing Milestones
10.2.Testing Activities
10.3.Test Schedule
10.4.Testing Work Products
10.5.Test Cycles
10.6.Roles and Responsibilities
10.6.1.Senior Test Manager
10.6.2.Test manager
10.6.3.Test Lead
10.6.4.Test Engineer
10.6.5.Development Team Leader
10.7.External Dependencies
10.8.Risk Assessment
11.Testing Tools and Technique
11.1 Testing Tools
11.2 Technique
12.Test Environment and Data
12.1.Network connectivity:
12.2.Setup during Testing:
12.3.Hardware requirements during Testing:
12.4.System Software
12.5.Application Software
12.6.Contact list for Team:
13.Test Management
13.1.Problem Management
13.2.Release Management
13.3.Configuration Management
13.4.Test Progress Report
13.5.Test Reporting
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