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Technique to manage stress

August 12, 2009

Technique to manage Stress: some of the Technique are available to manage the stress,they are as follows. Talk to some one .you don’t have to fix the problem ,just report it. Notice that any of muscle in your body ate tense.just noticing that will often relax the muscle. Ask your boss if you are doing ok .This simple question will make lot of difference. If you take on a tecnique to manage stress,tell somone else.They can help you to accountable to them and yourself. you have to use basics techniques of planning, problem solving and descision making .Tell to someone you are going to use these techniques. check the number of hours that you are work in a week.Tell to your boss,family and friends how many hours that you are working. write weekly status reports.Including what you have accomplished last week and plan to do next week. Give the written status report to your boss on a weekly basis.

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