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Software Configuration Tools List

August 12, 2009
Tool name Platform Tool vendor/site Comments
Rake Ant-like build language written in Ruby
ParaBuild Windows, Linux, Unix Viewtier Systems Build and release management system providing Continuous Integration
FinalBuilder VSoft Automated Build (Continuous Integration) & Release Management tool
QuickBuild Java PMEase Cross-platform build automation and management server, among other things support parallel builds
pulse Java zutubi Automated build (continuous integration) server, among other things support parallel builds
TeamCity Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Java JetBrains Continuous integration tool for Java and .NET
BuildForge Windows, Linux, Unix Rational Build and release management tool
IncrediBuild Windows Xoreax Build tool which accelerates C/C++ builds by distributing compilation tasks across the network
Visual Build Windows Kinook Software Build automation tool
SnapshotCM Windows True Blue Software
PureCM Windows, Unix, Linus, Mac SCM and defect tracking system
ProjectLocker Source Control web ProjectLocker Web based SCM system
Automated Build Studio Windows AutomatedQA Build automation and release management tool
QuickBuild, Luntbuild Build automation and management tool
ADVIZOR Windows ADVIZOR Solutions Inc. A tool for visualizing large amounts of data, e.g. information about changes in software, for an examples of usage.
ElectricAccelerator Solaris, Windows, RedHat Linux Electric Cloud Build tool. Claims to be really fast.
PerfectBuild codefast Automated build tool
Change Manager Embarcadero Technologies
Cohesion Cendura
Vault SourceGear
Code Co-Op Reliable Software Peer-to-peer version control system for multi-site development
Firefly Hansky
CodeHistorian SmartBear Software Identifies differences between files + provides other useful historical infor from source files
Code Reports SmartBear Software Correlates code changes with bug fixes, feature implementations
megg megg An open source tool to generate a project source tree from a host of supplied templates
ParaBuild Java Viewtier Systems Build management and continuous integration tool
SourceShare Unix, LInux, Windows ZeeSource ¬タᄁ Multiple Projects Repository

¬タᄁ Mailing Lists

¬タᄁ Version Control

¬タᄁ Issue Tracking

¬タᄁ Documents Management

¬タᄁ Wiki Webs

Teamwork Server Java Visual Paradigm
ant Windows, various Unix flavours, OS/¬タ?Netware, Mac OS X Ant :

Java-based open source build tool
CruiseControl CruiseControl Open source build tool for continuous intergation that runs on top of ant
anthillPRO urbancode Build tool for continuous integration that runs of top of ant
AccuRev SCM Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X AccuRev, Inc. Process-centric SCM tool designed for application lifecycle management process, combining issue-based SCM with leading IDEs and other lifecycle and popular issue-tracking tools. Supports among other things visualization, artifact traceability and management of parallel and geographically distributed development
Subversion Unix, Windows, BeOS, Mac Subversion Successor of CVS (better CVS)
OurayCM Windows, Linux, Mac Ouray Software
SpectrumSCM Windows, Various Unix flavors, VMS, MacOS, NetWare, OS/2, OS/390, OS/400, VxWorks Spectrum Software Inc. Platform independent configuration managament tool. Among other things it includes version control, process management, release management, advanced branching, issue tracking.
+1CM Unix +1 Software Engineering
AllChange Windows, Unix Intasoft Ltd.
Continuus/CM Windows, Unix Continuus Software Corp.
Change and Configuration Control (CCC/Harvets) Unix, Windows Computer Assiciates
Change Man Unix, Windows, Linux Serena International
ClearCase Unix, Windows Rational
Code Management System (CMS), Module Management System (MMS) VAX VMS Digital
CMVision Windows,Unix Expertware
CMZ DOS, Windows Vax/VMS, Unix, Linux, MVS, ¬タᆭ CodeME s.a.r.l. freeware
CONTROL-CS Windows, Unix, Tandem Network Concepts, Inc.
RCS Unix GNU/RCS Free software from GNU
CVS Unix, Windows, VMS CVS Requires RCS (see above)
DRCS Next, UNIX Software Services and Solutions, Inc.
Endevor DOS, Windows, OS/2, MVS, Unix Computer Associates
ExcoConf OpenVMS, Unix Excosoft AB A document management system for version control, configuration management, and project archive administration.
FtpVC Windows PrestoSoft Shareware
NeumaCM+ Windows, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS Neuma Technology Corp.
MKS Source Integrity DOS, Windows, OS/2, Unix MKS Inc.
PERFORCE VMS, Unix, Windows, Mac, OS/2 Perforce Software
PCM DOS, Windows Tesseract Technologies (Pty) Ltd
PVCS Version Manager Widnows, Unix Merant, Inc. Manages acces to code (prevents code overwrite), Organizes and references components graphically, lets graphically view file differences in side-by-side comparisons, branch and merge, etc.
PVCS Configuration Builder Widnows, Unix Merant, Inc. Automates software build process
PVCS Tracker Widnows, Unix Merant, Inc. Bug and change manaqgement tool.
PVCS Dimensions Widnows, Unix Merant, Inc. Enterprise level configuration management: support all levels from individual developer to project management and line management
Razor Unix, Windows Visible Systems Corp.
RCE Unix, Windows aicas GmbH Revision control engine – API to version control
VRCE Java aicas GmbH Graphical UI for RCE
Sablime Unix Lucent Technologies

SoftBench CM Unix Hewlett-Packard

Source Code Manager Unix, Linux UniPress Software Inc

StarTeam Windows, Unix StarBase Corporation

Aide-deCamp/Pro (ADC/Pro) Windows, Unix, VAX VMS TRUE Software

TRUEchange Windows, Unix, VAX VMS TRUE Software

McCabe CM Windows, Unix, VAX VMS McCabe and Associates
VCS-UX Windows, Unix, OS/2 Diamond Optimum Systems, Inc.
Visual Enabler Windows, Unix Softlab
Visual SourceSafe Windows, DOS, Alpha, Mac Microsoft Corp.
SNiFF+ Unix TakeFive Software
Source Code Manager Windows UniPress Software
Concorde SiteControl Crystaliz WWW site management
okcatalyst, openmake Catalyst Systems Corporation
ComponentSoftware RCS Windows ComponentSoftware
Remedy Change Management Windows Remedy Corporation Change management
Tofs Windows Tofs Model a complete system including manual and hardware parts together with the software. Supports configuration management, among other things.
Revision Control Engine (RCE) Griffin Technologies
QVCS (Quma Version Control System) DOS, Windows Shareware
ProjectMaker ObjectSoftware, Inc. Graphical build tool
Forte Code Management Unix Sun Microsystems Configuration management
Smart Makefiles Now Unix, Windows Automates the generation of makefiles
Arch Free SCM tool
BitKeeper Unix, WIndows Configuration management tool
CMSynergy Windows, Unix, Linux Telelogic Change management tool
CollabNet web Web based configuration management, defect tracking, and collaboration tool
Vesta Linux, Unix Free build tool with revision control features
Surround SCM Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X Seapine Software Configuration management tool
NXN alienbrain Windows, Linux NXN Software AG Configuration and asset management tool
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