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Outsourcing Jobs India

August 12, 2009

India is fast becoming a major outsourcing center of the world. Of course with the rapid growth of the industry there has been a distinct increase in the opportunities in outsourcing jobs in India. Many believe that this will greatly help India improve its economic and social stability. This in turn makes India an increasingly appealing outsourcing destination and a market area with real potential.

India is a talent-rich country that exports software to some 95 countries around the world. India has a mature industry with world-class systems and quality. Not only does India offer technological promptness, flexibility, time-to-market and a competitive advantage, it also offers world-class infrastructure and numerous incentives for foreign investments.

India has high tech facilities and the good infrastructure that is required for setting up e.g. call centers. Also the endless pool of English speaking workforce that provides good quality voice based services for extremely low costs results in huge savings for companies. This is the reason why most fortune 500 companies outsource jobs to India.

The jobs created due to outsourcing jobs in India are mainly back office and research and development jobs such as call centers, transaction processing, software development services, financial research, medical transcription, IT consulting, product design, tax processing and others of the same kind. These outsourcing jobs are mainly found in the financial, insurance, technical, software and banking sectors.

A research provided by Boston consulting group estimates that the number of jobs in India due to outsourcing will reach 30 million by 2020. Considering the number of companies and entrepreneurs setting up BPO operations in India the estimate seems realistic.

Cities such a Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, Pune and Mumbai are really jumping on the call center market boom and more and more Indian companies have started investing in the industry. Outsourcing in India is developing by the minute with new companies, big and small, setting up shop at a very fast pace. As a result of the increase in the BPO operations, India is also seeing an increase in IT consulting services outsourcing as well as other outsourcing service companies that are on the rise presently. The development of IT outsourcing jobs to India over the last few years is definitely worth paying attention to.

Although many companies came to India in order to cut costs, the big pool of talent and innovation in Indian business process outsourcing companies has forced many firms to acknowledge that they have stayed for the quality and speed.

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