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Lunch With C.E.O

August 12, 2009

The “Lunch with the CEO” program is designed to improve communication between a company CEO and an important group of stakeholders, the company’s employees. The program has a side effect of improving employee morale. Once a month, an employee who would not normally have an opportunity to talk to the CEO directly is invited to lunch with the CEO.


The Lunch can be at a near-by restaurant, in the company cafeteria or in C.E.O¬タルs office.  It can be one-on-one, or it can be a small group. The employee gets to ask the CEO about anything work related. The CEO answers questions and asks his or her own questions.

This dialog lets the CEO know what is important to the employees, gives the CEO an opportunity to discuss ideas with someone whose perspective is very different from the CEOs direct reports, and gives the employee an opportunity to ask about company issues beyond the usual “sound-bite” level.

After the lunch the employee goes away feeling much better about the company and its leadership and in a mood to share that positive feeling with those around him or her

For Small Company :

Once a month, the CEO selects an individual to invite to lunch. If the company is very small, and the CEO knows all the employees, the CEO invites the employee directly.

For Medium-sized company :

Each department nominates someone to have lunch with the CEO. The department manager can select a representative or ask for volunteers.

For Large company:

Nominations are submitted by the various departments. A small group or 3 or 4 is selected based either to reward superior performance or by rotation.

The “Lunch with the Manager” program will have the same benefits as a Lunch with the CEO program, only it will impact a smaller group of employees.

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