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August 12, 2009
Solutions to Automate Business Service Management:
According to a recent survey by industry, the top 2 priorities that businesses expect IT to support are improving business processes and controlling enterprise-wide operating costs.

However, many IT companies are faced with the daunting task of meeting this demand with out-dated tools and manual, ad hoc processes that are insufficient to manage increasingly complex IT environments. This complexity is caused by the proliferation and massive build out in recent years of IT infrastructure, including servers, network devices, storage arrays, clients, and software. IT organizations are under increasing pressure to increase speed of delivery, reduce errors, and do more with less. Hence with an aim to automate the management of business services, HP has come up with new software and services.

The company has introduced HP Automated Operations 1.0, an integrated set of products that automates IT operations across all technology and organizational domains. This eliminates labor-intensive, ad hoc, and error-prone manual processes and, in turn, helps IT organizations lower the day-to-day cost of operations.

In addition, the company has come up with HP Business Service Automation software solution — a single platform to automate all IT processes and drive change across applications, servers, networks, storage and clients.

The solution also provides a central Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for reporting, which reduces the cost and risk of change, while providing comprehensive audit and compliance capabilities.

HP also enhanced its IT Service Management (ITSM) software and added related services that offer practices through blueprints, training, and assessments. HP ITSM software helps companies define, deliver, and manage business services from inception to retirement. It allows organizations to continually monitor, measure, and improve their business value while increasing the efficiency of IT service delivery.

The HP Business Service Automation solution incorporates key data center automation technologies from the acquisition of Opsware and HP’s client automation and storage automation capabilities.

This software allows enterprises to create automated process workflows that enable complex changes that span multiple infrastructure tiers and built-in audit trails. This is particularly important for processes that impact financial reporting, security, and other governance concerns.

In addition, HP is offering new services to help enterprises quickly unlock the value of its software, including: HP Blueprint and Training for Service Manager 7.0 and HP IT Service Management Assessment Services.

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