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Get Smart and Avoid Communication Breakdowns

August 12, 2009
Get Smart and Avoid Communication Breakdowns:
Companies are going global. Customers and employees are based in all corners of the world. In such a situation, connecting with all of them is becoming a nightmare for enterprises. But utilizing available communication technologies smartly could prevent the situation from developing into a quagmire. Intelligent communications has become the need of the day
Communication is the crux for each and every business to run successfully. CIO’s and enterprises have always realized the need for an efficient communication system that would ease connectivity to all facets of the organization, remote workers, and customers.
Numerous studies have revealed that the prime cause of project failures in general is due to communication mishaps. Consumers want answers to their queries promptly and quick and uninterrupted information flow, anytime, anywhere. Increasingly, business leaders are aligning their customer responsiveness strategies to their business goals, in order to stand apart in a crowded market.
What exactly does intelligent communication comprise of?
Intelligent communication solutions are those that enable workers present in any location access data and information quickly and easily, and to make real-time decision-making. Intelligent communications is the ability to bring together the desktop telephone, the personal computer, and the mobile phone into one seamless environment that allows an end user to work practically anywhere.
Solutions such as IP telephony, contact center, unified communications, video conferencing/collaboration, etc. can be leveraged to provide information across any form of communication. These solutions embedded within the organization enable the CIO’s to improve productivity, efficiency, and help them to overcome the challenges faced by them. When used within an organization, it enables CIO’s and enterprises fulfill their communication requirements and achieve the desired target.
Increasingly, business leaders are aligning their customer responsiveness strategies to their business goals, in order to stand apart in a crowded market. Using intelligence communications companies can know more about their processes and leverage existing knowledge for better decision making.

The concept enables the improvement of all kinds of business processes, such as supply chain management, transaction processing, quality control, etc. It helps businesses achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by creating a virtual call center that covers wide geographic areas and crosses multiple time zones, ensuring that data is available whenever possible.

Intelligent communication applications play a critical role in helping businesses to re-invent themselves for a competitive edge. It enables CIO’s, CTO’s, and enterprises to enhance and take their business to a global level.
Benefits of adopting Intelligent Communications:

* Helps in marketing: To oversee product marketing and product management activities

* Enhances customer care: To improve customer retention and customer satisfaction levels

* Improvises call center: To better manage up-sell, cross-sell, and outbound marketing campaigns.

* Improves network operations: To retain and improve network and service quality management.

* Takes care of finance: To monitor cost per gross add, marketing spend, plus the impact of churn

* The functionality is integrated which results in significant savings of costs as well as time

* Intelligent communication solutions enable customers to interface with myriad technologies from multiple vendors including IP telephony, messaging, and conferencing

Retail, communication and media in particular can reap enormous benefits by having an intelligent communication backbone to their company. Manufacturing and BFSI are others that can be benefited.

Indian enterprises should use the power of communications and information systems to ensure business continuity, while accelerating business processes, growing revenues and improving overall financial performance. For instance, a manufacturing company can use intelligent communication solution to identify product quality issues and the stock availability. By deploying intelligent communications, a company can provide real-time expert attention to difficult incoming inquiries at its contact center.

It’s about time the industry realizes that intelligent communications is increasingly becoming a requirement for enterprises, and it could just be the difference between success and failure of an organization in the competitive market.
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