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Functional Test Tools

August 12, 2009
Unit-testing tool that automatically tests classes written on Microsoft’s .NET Framework without requiring developers to write a single test scenario or stub.
Aberro Software
AberroTest is a functional test and verification product that works at the user interface level.
The Telcordia Efficient Test Case Generation Service, formerly known as AETG Web, makes it easy to use AETG, the Automatic Efficient Test Generation system. The AETG algorithms employ combinatorial design techniques to create minimal sets of tests that cover all the pairwise interactions among input values. Free trial account (14 days) available. Implemented as a service delivered via our site, so there is no software to install.
AtYourSide Consulting
Tool for creating Test Cases based on Functional Requirements, which can be used in a collaborative environment by all project team members and can handle changes and requirements of any complexity. It uses an advanced and rigorous Neural Network Optimization algorithm and reduction methods, in order to generate the minimum number of test cases to certify 100% of the Requirements rules.
Acceptance test system that allows you to write executable tests in a language that you define. It uses XML to define the syntax of the language but, if you choose to extend the language, leaves the semantics of the tests up to you.
Software Research
Capture/playback system for X, and Windows which allows the user to record mouse mouvements, keyboard activities, widget calls and verification information into test scripts. Fully editable and programmable “C” language scripts make CAPBAK adaptable to your testing requirements. Its automatic synchronization features discover minor application changes during playback. CAPBAK has a realistic Load Generation engine built-in and handles all kinds of GUI testing: Local, Client/Server, Remote, Host/target. Test can run unsupervised, as often as required. Used together with SMARTS, the sophisticated test management component that controls test execution and verification you have the perfect Regression Test Suite.
Platform neutral solution that allows development of tests without programming for Web, client/server and mainframe applications.
Tevron LLC
Automated software testing solution for all Citrix Environments
Redstone Software
Running on MacOSX, Eggplant can test and automate processes on virtually any platform. Leveraging open source VNC server software, Eggplant achieves platform independence, “seeing” the remote screen and acting as a virtual user to generate and run test scripts and to automate other tasks on the remote machine.
University of Maryland
A tool that generates new test cases using a new technology of event-flow graphs. Pre/postconditions are used to generate expected response. Coverage (event and code) is evaluated. Free.
Automated acceptance testing of applications with parallel execution in multiple environments. The tests in Haven are JUnit based so you can continue to use your JUnit enabled IDE when you write, debug and run your acceptance tests. Since the test process in Haven is defined using Apache Ant, you can get help from your IDE here too. In Haven you can test as many products as you want. Haven can test all branches of your products simultaneously.
Security Innovations
Uses fault simulation to emulate real-world application and system errors. This allows testers and developers to work in a controlled, repeatable environment to analyze and debug error-handling code in hostile environments.
Integrates PDFBox as a PDF API with the JUnit framwork for the test of pdf documents so JPdfUnit is a high level api. Simple ready-to-use assertions help to compare the expected data to the concrete data of the pdf document.
Has an intelligent state machine engine that makes real-time decisions for navigating through the GUI portion of an application without scripts. Testers simply enter test data into a spreadsheet which is used to populate the objects that appear for the particular test scenario defined.
Eclipse-based platform for automated software testing and covers the software life cycle from the specification up to the maintenance phase. The components of message based software systems like Client-/Server-, Multitier- and Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA) may be simulated as well as tested in isolation and in their supposed interaction.
Unit testing framework. Python language version of JUnit. Open source.
Test development and execution tool for GUI and character-based client-server software testing
Integrated Computer Solutions
Automation tool for Xt/Motif applications
Repro Software
Records software process execution at multiple levels to provide unmatched visibility into process execution. With Repro you can record, annotate, and playback:
  • Video capture of user actions
  • System level traces of operations and data streams
  • System resource usage and performance graphs
  • A complete summary of the PC’s configuration at the time the bug occurred
Each captured component is viewed simultaneously during playback to give the software professional an integrated and organized view of the recording along each dimension.
The leading provider of SAP software quality assurance testing tools and products.
Generates test narratives and fully executable scripts for WinRunner, TestPartner, SilkTest and other automation engines with out the need for understanding or knowing the underlying programming language. Provides a single point of maintenance using global “find and replace” features for test data, object definitions and action definitions.
Segue Software, Inc.
Object-oriented software testing for Windows applications
SilverMark, Inc.
Automated GUI and domain object software testing tool for IBM’s
Cross platform software testing framework for Qt/C++ applications. With no modifications to the application, it is possible to test the application using recorded or manually written test scripts in different scripting languages.
Tallecom Software
Test automation for applications on mainframe and mid range proprietary and UNIX platforms.
Keyword-driven test automation framework. It includes automation support for the most common platforms in use today, along with powerful version-control features to support team-based test automation.
Automated test manager, with unmatched support for unit, functional, regression, distributed and HTTP performance testing at the project level. Designed for application developers and testers alike, TestComplete will help you to achieve thorough Quality Assurance in development from the first line of code right through delivery and maintenance, with no surprises along the way. Ship superior applications, and ship them on time. Supports Delphi, Win32, .NET, Java, and Web applications.
Software Research
Integrated suite of Automated Regression Test and Coverage Analyzers for UNIX, Windows/2000//NT/XP with multiple reports and re-usable test scripts in C, C++ and JAVA.
Software Development Technologies
A “3rd generation” test automation solution, which uses a roles-based software test automation approach to Design, Build and Run test cases.
Vermont Creative Software
. Windows-based software regression-testing tool for testing stand-alone or browser-based applications. With our direct integration into Internet Explorer, testing a web-based application or website is as easy as testing any other application. Just use the application as you normally would, and HighTest will take care of the rest. Or you can customize the generated scripts to harness the full power of HighTest. HighTest gives you the flexibility to work the way you want to, in a product that is easier to use than ANY other automated software testing tool on the market.
Free tool for automated software testing based on VNC technology which enables to program, verify and reproduce behavior of a remote computer via RFB protocol and generate a comprehensive report.
GUI capture/playback testing for Windows applications
Unit testing environment for the Microsoft .NET framework
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