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Employee motivation

August 12, 2009

Employee motivation is one of the important task for the project manager. It is the leading factor affecting the productivity of a project team. The key to leadership success is “MOTIVATING OTHERS TO DO THEIR BEST”. There are three major aspect in the motivation.

1.      Task Ownership : Provide clear ownership of a defined task

2.      Tools and Training : ensure the person has the ways and means to do the task

3.      Timely Feedback  : follow-up with timely feedback and hold the individual accountable for result

To Avoid:

Make it unclear who is responsible for tasks; don’t trust anyone with clear ownership but ask several people to get the job done.

Assign new team member to tasks without adequate task definitions, guidance or training; use the sink or swim method for work assignments.

Let poor performers continue without comment, and ignore gossip and dissension and dissension among project team members.

By rewarding the excellent performers by giving them an impossible workload.

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