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CSTP – Certification

August 12, 2009

Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) certification courses

International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) is the leader in software testing and quality assurance training and consulting. IIST has the most comprehensive list of courses in software testing and software quality assurance.

The following are the software testing and QA training courses available from IIST for the Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) certification:

CSTP #1: Principles of Software Testing

Principles of Software Testing

CSTP #2: Test Design

1. Developing Reusable Test Designs

2. Effective Test Design

CSTP #1 & CSTP #2: Principles of Software Testing and Test Design

Software Test Planning and Design

CSTP #3: Managing the Testing Process

1. Risk-Based Test Management

2. Test Planning Workshop

3. Writing Test Plans

4. Effective Test Management

CSTP #3 & #4: Managing the Testing Process, Test Executions and Defect Tracking

1. Managing the Software Testing Process

2. Managing the Testing Process/Test Execution and Defect Tracking

CSTP #4:

1. Identifying and Executing the Most Important Tests

2. Managing the Test Execution Process

CSTP #5: Requirements Definitions ,Refinement and Verification

1. Defining and Managing User Requirements

2. Discovering and Testing Requirements with Use Cases

3. Effective Requirements for Effective Testing

4. Effective Requirements with Use Cases

5. Evaluating Business Requirements

6. Exploring and Defining Software Requirements

7. Writing Testable Requirements and Requirement-Based Testing

8. Writing Testable Requirements and Requirement-Based Testing

CSTP #6: Test Automation

1. Functional Test Automation Fundamentals

2. Principles Architectures and Strategies of Test Automation

3. Principles of Software Test Automation  , Course may vary slightly

4. Test Automation Architectures and Advanced Techniques

5. Principles and Applications of Software Test Automation

CSTP #7: Static Testing (Inspection, Reviews, and Walkthrough)

1. Software Inspection and Reviews: A Process-Oriented Approach

2. Software Inspections and Reviews for QA Professionals

3. Static Testing for Quality and Test Professionals

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