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CQE – Certification

August 12, 2009

CQE : Quality Engineer Certification:

CQE is designed for those who understand the principles of product and service quality evaluation and control.

Fees: $ 360


1. Management and Leadership in Quality Engineering

Quality Philosophies and Foundations, Quality Management System (QMS), Quality information system (QIS), Customer Relations, Expectations, Needs, and Satisfaction.

2. Quality Systems Development, Implementation, and Verification

Elements, Documentation of a Quality System, Types of Audits, Quality Audits, Quality Standards, Audit planning, Audit Reporting ,Roles in Audit and cost of quality.

3. Product and Process Design

Quality Characteristics, Design Verification, Reliability and Maintainability with tools, Design Inputs, Design Reviews and Reliability / Safety / Hazard Assessment Tool.

4.  Product and Process Control

Tools, Material Control, Identification, Status and traceability. Classification of defects, Sampling concepts, Measurement tools and Test.

5. Continuous Improvement

Quality Control Tools, Quality Management and Planning Tools, Continuous Improvement Techniques, Corrective Action and Preventive Action

6. Quantitative Methods and Tools

Collecting and Summarizing Data Types of data, Measurement scales, Data collection methods, Data accuracy, Descriptive statistics, Graphical methods for depicting

Design and Analysis of Experiments Terminology, Planning and organizing experiments, Design principles, One-factor experiments, Full-factorial experiments, Two-level fractional factorial experiments.

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