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Technical Speech

August 11, 2009

Technical speech is the process of conveying information through speech to the audience and also gives interaction
between two or more people.

Eye contact:

Maintaining eye contact with your audience, this is used to establish a relationship. Eye contact serves many purposes.
First it establishes that the parties are listening. Second, eye contact indicates receptiveness. If a person in not making eye contact,
then less receptive to what you are about to say.
Body language:

As a speaker, message send through your body language affects how your audience perceives you. We need to interact
the audience and deliver the knowledge. You want your body language to establish interest and sincerity towards your audience.

Style and Register:

Your tone and pace of speech affect how your audience responds to you. You can speak faster than you write and understand
and also you must be sound confident at a basic level.

Understanding your audience:

Understanding your audience is a part of effective communication. Your audience will have different level of knowledge and different

expectations so accordingly, we have to deliver the knowledge.

Adapting to your audience:

You should adapt your audience by giving useful information and Focus upon sharing your message rather than own symptoms.

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