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Software Estimation Techniques

August 11, 2009

Software Estimation Techniques is used by Software enterprises for the Prediction of effort needed to complete a project.

o         Experienced Based Technique.

It rely on the subjective judgment from a group of expert

¬タᄁ         Delphi Technique.

¬タᄁ         Work Break down Structure.

o        Learning-Oriented Technique

It based on past performance which is good indication of future performance.

¬タᄁ         Case Study Technique.

o        Model-Based Techniques

It relays on default academic idea what estimation should be.

¬タᄁ         COCOMO

¬タᄁ         SLIM

¬タᄁ         ESTIMACS

o        Emerging New Technique

¬タᄁ         Neural Network.

¬タᄁ         Dynamic-based Techniques.

¬タᄁ         Regression-based Techniques.

¬タᄁ         Hybrid techniques.

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