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Revising and Editing & Adjusting and Reorganizing contents

August 11, 2009
Revising and Editing
Once the initial draft is laid out, editing and revising must be done to fine tune the draft into a final copy. Four tasks transform the early draft into its final form.

Adjusting and Reorganizing content:

During this step, go back to your draft to 1) focus or elaborate on certain topics which deserve more attention, 2) shorten other sections, and 3) shift around certain paragraphs, sentences.

In addition to writing, technical communicators do the following:
  • Create videos and films for corporations and industries?
  • Help design products, such as software programs and Web sites
  • Conduct studies of the people who use their companies’ products
  • Act as advocates for user needs
  • Ensure that products and instructions are understandable to people in other cultures
Technical communicators play many roles in a company. They are educators and language experts. Who use all of their varied skills in the service of communication.
For example:

While writing the technical document for mobile device,  technical audience looking for in-depth technical specification about the mobile. Those Specifications are GPRS coverage,
Bluetooth version and its range, WAP, Mobile operating sys. ver., GPS, Memory Range, 3G, WAN and also its usages .General audience looking for basic specification and
its operating manuals .According to their expectation, we have to write the technical documents.

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