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August 11, 2009
Web Based Bug Tracking
Free bug tracking software designed for project managers and developers. Try the demo version and then create your free account.
Hosted issue and bug tracking application
Advanced Defect Tracking Web Edition is a defect-tracking solution designed for small, medium and large software companies to simplify their bug, suggestion and feature request tracking. The software allows you to track defects, feature requests and suggestions by version, customer etc.
Applied Innovation Management
Web-based bug tracking software
Bug tracking solution. Installed and ASP hosted service available. Features include: Email alert notification, knowledge base, dynamic reporting, team management, user discussion threads, file attachment, searching.
Web based defect tracking service
SkyeyTech, Inc.
Web based bug tracking system
BugHost is a feature-complete hosted defect tracking system ideal for small- to medium-sized companies who want a secure, Web-based issue and bug management system. There is no software to install and can be accessed from any Internet connection. Designed from the ground up, the system is easy to use, extremely powerful, and customizable to meet your needs.
Web-based server appliance featuring Bugzilla with many enhancements designed to make Bugzilla easier and more secure. A centralized system for entering, assigning and tracking defects. Configurable and customizable.
Bug Tracker Software
Web based bug tracking and data sharing
Free defect tracking system. Our system is fast and easy to use. We offers email notification, file attachment, tracking history, bilingual pages, 128-bit encryption connection and advance customization. Free demo.
softwarequality, Inc.
Enterprise solution for capturing, managing and communicating feature requests, bug reports, changes and project issues from emergence to resolution with a fully customizable and controllable workflow
Web-based, easy-to-install, cross-platform bug tracking system
Highly configurable Open source defect tracking system developed originally for the Mozilla project
Fully customizable bug tracking and defect tracking tool. Includes VSS integration, notifications, workflow, reporting and change history.
Pragmatic Software
Subscription-based bug/problem tracking solution
A free online defect tracking and project management tool developed using IBM Lotus Domino and Dojo Ajax framework.
Vermont Software Testing Group
Web-based, cross-browser, cross-platform issue tracking and change management for software development, testing, debugging, and documentation. It is available by subscription or for purchase as a self-hosted intranet/Internet application.
Bug and issue tracking software, remotely hosted, allows you to tracking software bugs and route them to multiple developers or development groups for repair with reporting and automatic notification.
Fog Creek S/W
Web-based bug tracking. Free eval, 90 day money back guarantee.
Web-based bug tracking
Web-based issue tracking and project management tool
Help Desk Software Central
Offers issue tracking, customer relationship and project management functions.
J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application. Extensible via Java API.
Freeware defect tracking
Generic issue-tracking web-application that can be easily customized by adding custom fields and drop-downs. Features include customizable workflow, field level permissions, e-mail integration, file attachments and a detailed history view.
Lightweight and simple bugtracking system. Easily modifiable, customizable, and upgradeable. Open Source.
Bug Tracker
Online testing tool that allows the different participants working on the development of a software or multimedia application to detect new bugs, to ensure their follow-up, to give them a priority and to assign them within the team.
Tortuga Technologies
Platform-independent defect tracking system. Written in Java, it utilizes servlet technology and offers features such as reports, file attachments, role-based access, audit trails, email notifications, full internationalization, and a customizable appearance. Two editions of Ozibug are available, the fully featured Enterprise Edition including support and upgrades is available for purchase online through a secure payment server, while the basic Community Edition is available at no cost.
Web-based defect tracking
Web-based collaboration software for issue tracking; automated support; and workflow, process, and change management.
Softwise Company
Records problem reports in a network and web-based database that supports access by multiple users. Features include classification, assignment, sorting, searching, reporting, access control, & more.
100% web-based issue management software that offers you the facility of tracking and managing bugs, issues, improvements, and features. It provides role based access control, attachment handling, schedule management, automatic e-mail notification, workflow, resolution, worklogs, attaching screenshots, easy reporting, and extensive customization. The free version is completely functional and can be used for a maximum of 2 users.
Start using this from the very beginning of the project to track any kind of issue (Business, Technical, Bugs, Infrastructure); Rule-based assignment of issues for resolution; Notification/ Reminder for deadlines; Tracing Issues back to Requirements; Statistical Matrix for analysis. A complete visual design of a multi level rol based process can be defined for different types of issues with conditional branching and automated task generation.
Information Management Systems, Inc.
Web based issue tracking
Smart Design Te
TaskComplete enables a team to organize and track software defects using with integrated calendar, discussion, and document management capabilities. Can easily be customized to meet the needs of any software development team.
Free enterprise defect tracking system
Flexible and customizable Java-based defect tracking software. Supports workflow, multi-level security, rule-based email notification, email submission, subscribe-able filters, reports. Has skin-based user interface. Supports ORACLE, DB2, MS SQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Hypersonic SQL and more. It may or may not be free, depending on how you intend to use it.
Visionera AB
Web based issue tracking and project collaboration tool designed to make projects more efficient and profitable.
Web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management. Its main function is recording and tracking issues, within a freely defined workflow.
DCom Solutions
Uses XML to deliver a powerful, cost effective, Web based Bug/Defect tracking, Issue Management and Messaging product. Apart from having a pleasing interface and being easy to learn, yKAP features include support for unlimited projects, test environments, attachments, exporting data into PDF/RTF/XLS/HTML/Text formats, rule-based email alerts, exhaustive search options, saving searches (public/ private), Auto-complete for user names, extensive reports, history, custom report styles, exhaustive data/trends analysis, printing, role-based security. Apart from pre-defined values, yKAP allows the user to add custom values for system parameters such as Status, Defect cause, Defect type, priority, etc. yKAP is installed with complete help documentation.
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  1. August 23, 2009 6:51 pm

    Here’s another one not on the list. Simple, efficient and inexpensive: BugSherpa

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