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Various Type of documents do technical writers create

August 10, 2009

The range of writing a technical writer performs varies widely. You might write manuals, articles, proposals, white papers, product descriptions

or any of a hundred other types of documents.

My specialty is writing manuals, especially user manuals and programmer manuals for specific software applications. This is the technical writing

I enjoy most, because for me it involves solving problems and figuring out puzzles.

There are dozens of different types of writing that come under the banner of technical writing, however. Many people document processes.

Processes can be just about any system by which something gets done. For example, in order for a company to generate a payroll, certain actions

must be taken, such as logging hours and generating checks. All of those steps are part of a process, and intelligent companies document

those processes so that, if an employee leaves or a system goes down, they have something to consult in order to get themselves on track.

One name for this type of document is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
Another type of documentation is SLA (Service Level Agreement). The SLA describes exactly what a provider (company or department) will do

for a customer (another company, another department, or an individual). These can be highly technical documents or busywork, depending

on the service and the company. Proposals, often written in response to an RFP (Request For Proposal) document are much like SLAs.

They describe what work will be done, but they require more writing finesse because they are also pitching the service.

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