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Upgration & Migration services

August 10, 2009
Upgration is an adapt move to the new technology. The customer requirement to move the next level process
Upgrade as a change in patch level
Old technology ———————————–> new technology
The business landscape is changing at a fast pace. To adapt to the new challenges, enterprises need to keep abreast with new technology developments as well. They may require applications and databases to be migrated from one environment to another or decide to do a complete rethinking and restructuring of its IT systems.
Example: Database migration
Database1    ———————————-> Database2
If we want to migrate tables, stored procedure etc. from one database to another database
different between database migration and database upgration
That depends.  The terss can be used interchangably, but some define a
database migration as a change in base version (as in ‘I am migrating my database to′), and a database upgrade as a change in patch level (¬タリwe are upgrading our database to’).
I define the two terms as the meaning the same thing: migration == upgrade == change in base version of Oracle.
Application Migration
Why do we need Migration?
Enterprises today function in multi-location, multi-user environments that encompass multiple technologies and platforms. What this mean is:

– There are Disparate Systems

– Maintainability of Applications is an Issue

– Constant Upgrades on OS and Hardware’s by Vendors

– IT departments desire to use new systems, while keeping the cost down.

– Microsoft plans to stop supporting lower versions.


– Execution of challenging projects on time, every time.
– Superior Project Methodology balanced with clients¬タル needs.
– Clarity in understanding of the client’s business.
– Superior bug-free delivery.
– Passionate towards clients¬タル needs.
– Solutions and services that are truly world class.
– True Partnership relationship
– Problem solving – Positive attitude and Dependability
– Flexibility- Adoptability- Initiative

– Our Solutions accomodate into clients budgets

Migration Tools
– PromulaBasic, the Promula Visual Basic to .NET Migration Tool
– PromulaFortran, the Promula FORTRAN to C Translator
– PromulaADS, the Promula Application Development System
– SwisSQL – Data Migration Tool 4.9 (Migrate/Transfer/Copy/Transform Schema and Data across Multiple Databases)
For database
– SwisSQL Console 4.2

– BEA WebLogic Server 8.x, 6.x and 5.x
– WebSphere Application Server Version 5.x and 4.x
– JBoss 3.x
– Apache Tomcat 4.x
– Reference Implementations based on J2EE 1.3 and J2EE 1.4
– Sun Java System Application Server 7 and 8
– Sun ONE Application Server 6.5 and 6.0
– Sun ONE Web Server 6.x
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