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Tools used in phase of SDLC

August 10, 2009

Tools used in Phase of SDLC

Project Planning
Microsoft Project is standard tool for maintaing the project plan.
Can also keep in word document.
Requirement Analysis
Rational Rose, Eclipse UML, TogetherJ
Visio is used to draw a flowchart.
Rational Rose, Eclipse UML, TogetherJ are used to draw a class diagram.
Code is written based on the system and design.
This is used for the programmers in the phase of development
Tools are Eclipse, Visual studio, JDeveloper, Net Bean
Application Server
code written in IDE is executed in the application server.
Web sphere, Web Logic, Tomcat, IIS
Source code repository and version control systems
Manage the sourecode from multiple developer.
Tools are CVS, VSS, Clear Case, PVCS
Nunit – unit testing tool for all .net language.
NunitAsp – automatically testing the asp web pages.
Microsoft fxcop – Code analysis for .net managed code.
SSW code Auditor – Automatically review the web application and projects.
Jetbrains dotTrace profiler – Improving the performance of .net application.
Ant, Make
All the above tools.
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