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Ten10 the internel best practice & PDCA lifecycle

August 10, 2009
Ten10 is the good example for process model or best practice which we are following in our company.
What is Ten10?
Ten10 is our process framework; the basic fundamental of the Ten10 is Service Request. This Service request executed in ten steps.
There are ten components we are following in our Ten10 process,
1. Concept map
2. Service request
3. Roles& Responsibilities
4. Process flow
5. Activity
6. Key task
7. Deliverables
8. Document templates
9. Metrics & measures
10. Inspection& Audit
These Service requests are followed based on PDCA life cycle. I have mapped Ten10 with PDCA lifecycle. Let¬タルs have a look at it.

Let¬タルs have a look at the PDCA cycle,

PDCA is Problem solving process.
DCA is the four stages which must go thru to get from Problem faced to problem solved. The four stages are Plan-Do-Check-Act. The four steps are,

PDCA was developed by Walter Shewhart from Bell Laboratories in US during 1930. After 1950 this was taken into the considerations by the famous Quality Management Authority W. Edwards Deming, and then it is known by many as the Deming Wheel.

Use the PDCA cycle to coordinate the continuous improvements efforts.
Plan: What we are going to do, in this step we are assessing where we are, where we need to be, why this is important and plan how close the gap. Identify some solution.
Try out or test the solution.
Check to see the countermeasures we tried out had the effect we hoped for,
And make sure that are no negative consequences associated with them. Assess if you have accomplished your objective.
Act on what we have learned. If you have accomplished your objective, put controls into place so that the issue never comes back again. If you have not accomplished your objective, go through the cycle again, starting with the Plan step.
Once we completed the cycle at `problem solved’. Go back to the Plan stage to identify the next `problem faced’
If the experiment was not successful, skip the Act stage and go back to the Plan stage to come up with some new ideas for solving the problem and go through the cycle again.
Here I have specified tools and techniques which can be used to complete each stage of the PDCA Cycle.

Out of the Crisis, W Edwards Deming, MIT 1989
Kaizen, Masaaki Imai, McGraw-Hill, 1986
The Team Handbook, Peter R. Scholtes, Joiner Assoc, 1988
HCi provides Training and course packages for Continuous Improvement tools and techniques.
Dr. W. Edwards Deming
Complete Deming Library – Videos DVDs Audiotapes and Teaching Guides
Quality Mgmt Software
Ensure Enterprise Quality Control Reduce Costs by Improving Quality
Some of the process standards,
IEEE Std 730-1998, Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans
IEEE Std 730.1-1995, Guide for Software Quality Assurance Planning
IEEE Std 828-1998, Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans
IEEE Std 1008-1987 (Reaff 1993), Standard for Software Unit Testing (ANSI)
IEEE Std 1012-1998, Standard for Software Verification and Validation
IEEE Std 1012a-1998, Supplement to Standard for Software Verification and Validation: Content Map to IEEE/EIA 12207.1-1997
IEEE Std 1028-1997 (Reaff 1993), Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
IEEE Std 1042-1987 (Reaff 1993), Guide to Software Configuration Management (ANSI)
IEEE Std 1045-1992, Standard for Software Productivity Metrics (ANSI)
IEEE Std 1058-1998 Standard for Software Project Management Plans
IEEE Std 1219-1998, Standard for Software Maintenance
IEEE Std 1490-1998, Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.
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