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sun innovation – javaFX

August 10, 2009
What is JavaFX?
JavaFX is a new family of Sun products based on Java technology.
There are two products on  JavaFX family:
1. JavaFX Script
JavaFX Script is a highly productive scripting language for content developers.

JavaFX Script is a declarative, statically typed programming language.
It has functions, declarative syntax, list-comprehensions, and incremental dependency-based evaluation. It can make direct calls to JavaAPIs that are on the platform. It also contains code structuring, reuse, encapsulation, packages, classes, inheritance, and separate compilation and deployment units.
Compared with java swing, java 2D and java 3D JavaFX provides rich and compelling UIs.
JavaFX Script will be open sourced.
2. JavaFX Mobile
JavaFX Mobile is a complete mobile operating and application environment built around Java and Linux open source technologies.
The JavaFX Mobile software system provides greater scalability and portability, speed time-to-market.
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