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Success Vs Failure factors in Project management

August 10, 2009

Critical success factors in project management:

Consider employee recommendations and Recognize that change is necessary

Understands the executive role in project management

Willing to place company interest before personal interest

Willing to accountability

Willing to see associates advance

Recognize the need for a corporate-wide methodology

Recognize that importance of effective planning

Recognize the cost and schedules are inseparable

Track actual costs

Develop project management training

Critical failure factors in project management:

Refuse to consider ideas of associates

Unwilling to admit that change may be necessary

Believe that project management control belongs an executive levels

Reluctant to share information

Refuse to accept accountability

Not willing to see associates advance

View a standard methodology as a threat rather than as a benefit

Fail to understand the benefits of project management

Provide only lip service to planning

Believe that project status can be determined from schedule alone

See no need to track actual costs

Believe that growth and success in project management are the same

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  1. November 30, 2009 6:22 am

    Interesting lists – but may not explain enough. I wrote a short post on project success recently ( that you might find helpful.


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