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Startup Company Founder – Priority

August 10, 2009
Startup Company Founder¬タルs Priority List
Leading a startup company is nothing like leading a big, established company.  Startups are focused foremost on survival, while big companies direct their efforts toward growth.

Get Money in the Door

A Founder¬タルs most important question is

¬タワDo we have enough money to make it past our next milestone?¬タ?
If the Founder can¬タルt answer ¬タワyes,¬タ? then solving customer problems, addressing HR issues, and planning for the long term just won¬タルt matter.
An underfunded company doesn¬タルt have to worry about these issues. Therefore a startup company needs to focus on their day-to-day issues.
Sell More Stuff
A simple way to consider this priority is ¬タモ if you have sales and a product, you can afford to improve your product. If you have a great product and no sales, then it leads you¬タルre
Business to dead state.
Staffing brilliant people sounds like an obvious thing to do.
Everything Else
After raising capital, increasing sales, and hiring brilliant people comes everything else. The trouble is that most entrepreneurs start with everything else and only plan to address the more critical items.
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