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Software Metrics

August 10, 2009
Software metrics
Software metrics is measure of the piece of software or its application. Metrics is used to improve the software quality and productivity. Measure provides the amount, dimensions, capacity, or size of some attribute of the process and product. Metric is a quantitative measure of system, component, or process. Indicator is a metric or combination of metric that provides an insight into software process, software project, or the product.
Metrics in process and project domains
It enable the software project manager to access the status of an ongoing project.
Track the risk
Uncover the problem area before they go critical
Adjust the workflow or task
Evaluate the project team ability
The way to improve the process
Measure the specific attributes of the process
Develop the set of metric based on attributes
Use the metric to provide indicators that lead to improvement
Determinants of software quality and organizational effectiveness
Quality and improvement skills and motivation of the people
Complexity of the product is on quality and team performance
Technology the software engineering methods
Measure of error uncovered before the release of software
Effects delivered to and reported by end user
Work product delivered
Human effort
Calendar time expected
Schedule confirmed

Objectives of Software Measurement
Collect information about the current state of the software product, project, or process
Allow the managers to make a timely, data driven decisions
Track the organization progress towards its improvement goals
To assess the impact of process change

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