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Software and Industry standards

August 10, 2009
Software Standards
ISO 9001 is the standard for computer software published by ISO in 1994.
Software standards basically focus on the following steps,
Improving programming efficiency.
Allow the reuse of software function
Improve Software Documentation
Reducing errors by improving reliability of algorithm.
SEPT (Software Engineering Process Technology) has some steps for Software engineering. Standard IEC 62304: 2006
List of Software standards:
Configuration Management
Function Points
Human Factors
Medical Device Standards
Project Management
Requirements Definition
Verification and Validation
IEEE is also produced some software engineering standards.
White papers:
QPR process guide
Industry Standards:
Industry standards are defined as the established rules, regulations, and generally accepted operating procedures, practices and requirements defined by national and International trade associations, and government laws relevant to a product or service.
Herewith I have given some of the industry standards for example,
X10– The open industry standard for communication among electronic devices.
V.90 is the standard for IT industry to work the different technologies together.
IEEE-ISTO is the standard for innovative and flexible operational forum and support for development and post- development standards.
SAP Community Network has published many standards for Healthcare Industry.
HL7- Health layer seven is ANSI created standard
IHE- Integrate Health care Enterprise
HIPPA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Focuses on simplifying administration procedures, and requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions, national identifiers for providers, health insurance providers, and employers.
LISA- Localization Industry Standard Association
TMX- Translation Memory Exchange – TMX supports the exchange of translation memory (TM) data between applications.
SRX- Segment Rules Exchange- SRX allows application developers to define how their tools segment text.
TBX- Term Based Exchange -TBX is the standard for the exchange of structured terminological data.
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