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Small Business Plan

August 10, 2009
The Rules
ᅡᄃ Decide on a business structure
ᅡᄃ Register your business
ᅡᄃ Understand tax responsibilities
ᅡᄃ Purchase insurance
Office Setup
Ultimately, careful planning of your office space will keep you organized and help you minimize the chaos that comes with starting a business.
The right space will enable you to stay focused on what’s important: wow -ing your customers, making sales, and building your business.
Careful planning of your office space will keep you
ᅡᄃ Find office space
ᅡᄃ Buy or lease office furniture and equipment
ᅡᄃ Stock up on office supplies
ᅡᄃ Choose a computer
ᅡᄃ Get connected
ᅡᄃ Select software solutions
ᅡᄃ Protect your computer
Your Brand
The right brand creates a first impression in the eyes of your potential customers. Your brand is also a key asset that will help customers to remember your business.
ᅡᄃ Design a logo
ᅡᄃ Print marketing materials
ᅡᄃ Create a professional Web site
ᅡᄃ Set up company-branded e-mail
ᅡᄃ Protect your ideas
In marketing your product or service, knowing your market, having a plan, and using the right tools are crucial to reach the right audience. There are a number of tools you can use to set you on the right track.
ᅡᄃ Research the market
ᅡᄃ Develop a marketing plan
ᅡᄃ Send e-mail marketing
ᅡᄃ Place advertising
ᅡᄃ Use search engines
ᅡᄃ Use PR resources
ᅡᄃ Consider trade shows
ᅡᄃ Track your results
Utilizing technology to originate, track and close sales can save you time and legwork, and makes for a better customer experience. With the resources in this section, you will be able to better streamline your sales process from start to finish.
ᅡᄃ Develop a sales plan
ᅡᄃ Accept credit cards
ᅡᄃ Sell Online
ᅡᄃ Sell over the Phone
ᅡᄃ Sell via a retail outlet
ᅡᄃ Set up a point-of-sale system
ᅡᄃ Get potential customer credit ratings
ᅡᄃ Track customer relationships
Keeping your finances in order is important for evaluating the success of your business. Keep things organized by planning ahead.
ᅡᄃ Estimate cost and revenue
ᅡᄃ Find capital
ᅡᄃ Design a cash management system
ᅡᄃ Hire an accountant
ᅡᄃ Select an accounting software package
ᅡᄃ Set up a checking account
ᅡᄃ Set up a business savings solution
ᅡᄃ Decide on additional banking services
ᅡᄃ Get a business credit card
ᅡᄃ Manage inventory
The details
The details involved in running a business can be much simpler with the right partners in place. Take a look at what you might need.
ᅡᄃ Set up a shipping account
ᅡᄃ Set up a travel account
ᅡᄃ Hire legal services
ᅡᄃ Find technical support
At some point, you may need some help. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about hiring employees, including how to find the best candidates, what to consider as you think about employee benefits, and tax responsibilities associated with having employees.
ᅡᄃ Decide on employee status
ᅡᄃ Find good employees
ᅡᄃ Outsource human resources
ᅡᄃ Understand employment law
ᅡᄃ Understand employee-related tax issues
ᅡᄃ Decide on employee benefits
ᅡᄃ Consider employee training
ᅡᄃ Set up payroll services
ᅡᄃ Plan for retirement
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