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Scott McNealy

August 10, 2009

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy is chairman of the board of directors of Sun Microsystems, a company he co-founded in 1982 and chairman of Sun Federal Inc. From 1984 to 2006, McNealy served as chief executive officer and chairman at Sun, steering the Company to constant innovation in open, network computing.
In his 22 years at the helm, McNealy grew Sun from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading provider of network computing infrastructure with 37,900 employees worldwide, all while positioning the Company as the model of corporate integrity. In 1986, he took Sun public, creating one of the most notable publicly traded technology companies.
McNealy has overseen the Company’s deployment of world-class products. Today, Java powers over 3.5 billion devices; Sun’s Solaris is one of only three remaining operating systems in the marketplace; the Niagara chip is a leading, high performance, low power, sustainable technology; and the world’s most advanced multi-core system, SPARC, is taking market share.
Seeing the impact of the network on security and privacy long ago, McNealy responded by building security into every Sun product.
McNealy’s vision and business acumen have made him one of the most influential and widely quoted leaders in the complex, fluid and fast-moving IT industry. His leadership and determination have enabled Sun to outpace its peers, to grow while others have collapsed, to leverage market opportunities in good economies and bad, and to claim the leadership mantle as one of the world’s great technology companies.
McNealy has helped set the industry agenda through his vision of network computing which has served as a guide and barometer for the direction and pace of technology innovation. And, for more than a decade, he has been advancing Sun’s slogan, The Network Is The Computer — a succinct statement of the company’s vision of seamless connectivity that is now driving the Participation Age.
McNealy never shies away from controversial issues in the industry. His tenacity and willingness to address tough issues head on has earned him respect and admiration. In 1999, McNealy predicted that “software will all go free,” and the market is now moving in that direction. He also foresaw the service provider movement, predicted the rise of business models based upon free software, evangelized thin client architectures and predicted grid computing. And, McNealy’s belief in innovation and commitment to R&D, even in a tough economic climate, helped Sun weather the storm of the collapse, leaving the Company well positioned to compete in today’s marketplace.
A champion of Sun’s 24-year old strategy to share, McNealy is always fighting for openness and choice: “Without choice, you have no innovation. Without innovation, you have nothing.”
In his ongoing role as Chairman of the Board and his role as Chairman of Sun Federal, Inc., McNealy continues to put his leadership and vision to work for Sun. He is a strong advocate for open and competitive business practices and is furthering his commitment to education, working with Curriki, a global education and learning community dedicated to delivering global access to knowledge.

McNealy graduated from Harvard in 1976 with a BA in Economics and received an MBA from Stanford in 1980. He is an avid hockey player and a single digit handicap golfer.

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