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RUP Tools and Diagram

August 10, 2009
Basic Rational unified process Tools
Rational requisite Pro
Entire development team be updated and track through the application development process by making the requirement easy to write, communicate and change.
Rational Clear Quest
A windows and web based change request management product that enable the project team to track and manage all change activities through out the development life cycle.
Rational Rose
Tool for business process modeling, requirement analysis, and design
RUP Diagrams provide a Documentation
It provide a full documentation for more complex system
Use Case Diagram: Functionality at the user level
Class Diagram: Interaction between the classes
Object Diagram: Shows the object of the system
Sequence Diagram: Process flow over time
Collaboration diagram: Used for analysis and it show the messages
Passed between the object
State Chart Diagram: Behavior of the class
Activity Diagram: Similar to flow chart
Component Diagram: how the requirement and system are partitioned
Deployment Diagram: Physical distribution of the system
Use Case Diagram:

Analysis and design

Deployment and Implementation

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