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Roles and Responsibility in A Project

August 10, 2009

There are many groups of people involved in both the project and project management lifecycles; there are specific roles for each group in the staff assigned for the project.

. Project Team consists of a Project Manager and number of Project Team members who are responsible for planning and executing the project. They are:

Project manger:

A project manager is the person who has the overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of a project. P.M has so many responsibilities like: Planning & defining scope, resource planning, developing schedules, time estimating, cost estimating, controlling quality ,managing risks and issues, creating charts and schedules, documentation, scalability, customer liaison and so on.

Business Analyst:

To make effectively leads discussions with the Customers to determine the business requirements, participates in preparing the data and process models, prepares module specifications, test data, and user documentation materials, assists in prototyping activities, and develops strategies for testing and implementation.

Database Administrator

D.B.A is responsible for providing and maintaining database administration policies and procedures, approving and executing database scripts, performing database tuning activities, and transforming a pictorial representation of the system data (the Logical Data Model) into physical database tables that support the final system.

Technical Lead/Architect

T.L drives the logical process and data models into application architecture, establishes architecture guidelines, and develops strategies for the creation and distribution of applications.

Application Developers

Developers include all those responsible for developing prototypes, technical specifications, and application code, and for executing test scripts.

Software Quality Assurance Analyst

He/She is responsible for establishing and executing the Quality Assurance Plan, for assisting in the preparation of test scripts and test data, and for participating in integration and acceptance testing efforts.

Technical Services and Support

He/She have all those responsible for the ordering, installation and maintenance of hardware and software components, LAN/WAN components and telecommunications components.

Information Security Officer

Security Officer is responsible for identifying and enforcing security standards and processes.

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