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Rich people and successfull people

August 10, 2009

Top 10 Richest people in India

TOP 10 – India’s Richest People (8 March 2007) … Wealth in USD$
1. Lakshmi Mittal
$32.0 billion
Mittal Steel (manufacturing steel)
UK, London
56yo – Married, 2 children
2. Mukesh Ambani
$20.1 billion
petrochemicals (manufacturing)
49yo – Married, 3 children
3. Anil Ambani (a marathon runner; wife Tina is a former Bollywood actress)
$18.2 billion
diversified (manufacturing)
47yo – Married, 2 children
4. Azim Premji
$17.1 billion
Wipro (software)
61yo – Married, 2 children
5. Kushal Pal Singh (former army officer)
$10.0 billion
real estate
75yo – Married, 3 children
6. Sunil Mittal (son of a politician)
$9.5 billion
49yo – Married, 3 children
7. Kumar Birla
$8.0 billion
commodities (copper & aluminum)
39yo – Married, 2 children
7. Shashi & Ravi Ruia (brothers)
$8.0 billion
n/a – n/a
9. Ramesh Chandra(banker’s son)
$6.4 billion
real estate
New Delhi
67yo – Married, 2 children
10. Pallonji Mistry
$5.6 billion
77yo – Married, 4 children
Top 10 Richest people in World
TOP 10 – World’s Richest Men (8 March 2007) … Wealth in USD$
1. William Gates III(world’s richest person – for 13 years in a row!)
Harvard Uni drop out.
$56.0 billion
51yo – Married, 3 children
2. Warren Buffett (married longtime girlfriend on his 76th birthday last Aug.) Will donate $31 billion to charity!
$52.0 billion
Berkshire Hathaway
76yo– Married, 3 children
3. Carlos Slim Helu
$19 billion richer this year!
$49.0 billion
67yo – Widowed, 6 children
4. Ingvar Kamprad & family
Started selling furniture in 1947.
$33.0 billion
Ikea (retail) Has stores in 34 countries.
80yo – Married, 4 children
5. Lakshmi Mittal
$32.0 billion
Mittal Steel (manufacturing steel)
56yo – Married, 2 children
6. Sheldon Adelson
City College of NY drop out.
$26.5 billion
casinos, hotels
73yo – Married, 5 children
7. Bernard Arnault
$26.0 billion
LVMH (world’s largest luxury goods empire)
58yo– Married, 5 children
8. Amancio Ortega
High School drop out.
$24.0 billion
Zara (apparel manufacturer) owns 3,000 Zara retail stores in 64 countries
71yo – Married, 3 children
9. Li Ka-shing
High School drop out.
$23.0 billion
Hong Kong
78yo– Widowed, 2 children
10. David Thomson & family
$22.0 billion
inherited (father, Kenneth Thomson, 82, died last June)
49yo– Divorced, 3 children
Successful people without college Degree
Bill Gates – Microsoft
Michael Dell – Dell
Lawrence Ellison – Oracle
Paul Allen – Microsoft
Ted Turner – CNN
Thomas Edison – GE
Henry Ford – Ford
Steven Spielberg
Steve Jobs – Apple
Ralph Lauren
Bill Gates History
William Gates, the son of a prominent Seattle, Washington lawyer. He was first exposed to digital computer in the seventh grade and worked on various computer projects, while studying in high school Bill and a friend, Paul Allen formed a company called Traf-Data used the Intel 8008 microprocessor to help the control traffic. He sold this system in his fifteen years for $20,000.
In 1974 Bill and Allen worked nonstop and found a BASIC programming language. They explained their product to the company engineers with a great success in the same year started the Microsoft Corporation Microsoft entered a personal computer industry. In 1980 Microsoft won a contact with IBM to operate the Microsoft system called the MS-DOS. By 1983 IBM pc has become a industry standard and MS-DOS was its operating system. In 1991 he ranked the three on the Forbes magazine list of the wealthiest Americans and the share of Microsoft is nearly 4 billion dollar.
By the year 1998 he became the richest man in the world. Microsoft also produces a word processing, spreadsheet, games, and windows. In 1999 he wrote a book called Business @ the speed of thought that shows how the computer technology solves the problem. It is published in 25 languages and 60 different countries.
Bill Gates of Microsoft
Earns appx 6 Billion Dollars in a year or
Earns appx 500 Million Dollars in a month or
Earns appx 16,660,000 Dollars in a day or
Earns appx 14614 Dollars a minute or
Earns appx 243 Dollars a second.
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