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Rich Internet Application

August 10, 2009
What is RIA?
  • Rich Internet applications (RIA) are Web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications.
  • RIAs typically transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the Web client but keep the bulk of the data (i.e., maintaining the state of the program, the data etc) back on the application server.
  • Run in a Web browser, or do not require software installation .
  • Run locally in a secure environment called a sandbox .
Benefits of RIA?
Richer : This richer functionality may include anything that can be implemented in the technology being used on the client side, including drag and drop, using a slider to change data, calculations performed only by the client and which do not need to be sent back to the server, for example, a mortgage calculator.
More responsive : The interface behaviors are typically much more responsive than those of a standard Web browser that must always interact with a remote server.
Client/Server balance: The demand for client and server computing resources is better balanced, so that the Web server need not be the workhorse that it is with a traditional Web application. This frees server resources, allowing the same server hardware to handle more client sessions concurrently.
Asynchronous communication: RIA designers to move data between the client and the server without making the user wait. Perhaps the most common application of this is prefetching, in which an application anticipates a future need for certain data.
Network efficiency: The network traffic may also be significantly reduced because an application-specific client engine can be more intelligent than a standard Web browser when deciding what data needs to be exchanged with servers.
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