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Real Estate

August 10, 2009
A piece of land, including the air above it and the ground below it, and any buildings or structures, fences and trees on it also called real property.
Real estate can be wither corporeal (soil and buildings) or incorporeal (easements) Also known as realty or real property.
Real Estate Types
ᅡᄋ Single Family Homes
ᅡᄋ Town homes
ᅡᄋ Condos
ᅡᄋ Office Buildings
ᅡᄋ Shopping & Strip malls
ᅡᄋ Industrial & Storage
ᅡᄋ Agriculture
ᅡᄋ Raw undeveloped land
Road Maps For Real Estate
We should have a clear idea in real estate business.
There are four categories if a person has to go with real estate.
ᅡᄋ Buyers
ᅡᄋ Sellers
ᅡᄋ Owners
ᅡᄋ Agents
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