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QA Package Instruction Document

August 10, 2009

Harbor Payments ??? GL
QA Package Instruction Document
Version 1.0
This document is used to lists QA Package activities of Tenth Planet Technologies P Ltd.
GL ??? Activation of IACH payment type for Internal Users.
Table of Contents
This document scope is to lists Installation Procedures, Overview, Outstanding issues and Post Implementation activity plans.
Release Version
Date of Release
Client Contact / Released To
Harbor Payments
Offshore Contact / Released By
Murli, Tenth Planet Technologies
Installation Procedures
Unzip the
The zip file contains,
  1. GL ??? Electronic Payment System DB scripts.
  2. The release instruction document.
HPC QA Box Details:
  • Connect to HPC QA Box ( via Remote Desktop connection.
  • Username: jmurlimanohar
  • Password:
GL Database Details:
  • Server Name: QA Database Server
  • User Name: GENROLL
  • Password: r34chout

Steps involved in the GL Database updates in HPC QA environment.
  • 1. Open the GLElectronicPaymentSystemDBScripts folder.
  • 2. Run the below scripts in the following sequence.
  • a. GLGroup_Enable_IACH_PaymentType.sql
GL ??? Electronic Payment System Instructions:
  • GL source code has been already deployed in HPC QA Box (QACENTIRM1).
  • Source code path in QACENTIRM1: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\GL
  • Steps to run the electronic payment system application.
1. After completing the DBScripts execution, Change the UserTypeID to 14128 in XML file in the following location: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\GLGPaymentAccounts\SAMLValues.xml for GL internal user and for GL external user the UserTypeID value should be 14132
2. After configuring the GL user type, open the following URL in the browser:
3. GL Index page is displayed, in which enter the council member id and login in the GLGPaymentAccount.
4. In the Member page, click the PaymentAccounts Link to create a payment account for the council member.
Error Log:
For any error in the expert payment system login or during payment account creation refer to the following path for error details:
C:\<QA location>\GL\Log
  1. Overview of components sent in this Release
    • GL ??? Electronic Payment System DBScripts
  1. Overview of Enhancement Fixed in this Release
    • QA Package for GL including DB scripts for activating IACH payment type for internal user.
  1. Outstanding Items
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  1. Document Repository
  1. Post Implementation
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