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Products Released by the major companies

August 10, 2009

The Products Released by the major companies are Listed below

Products released by Sun:


Sun Micro Systems released number of Hardware products some of them are listed below,
SPARCstation, Sun Ultra series, Sun Enterprise, Sun Blade, Sun Fire, SPARC Enterprise, UltraSPARC T1/UltraSPARC T2, SPARC, JavaStation, Sun Ray, Sun Modular Datacenter, Sun Grid, Sun SPOT

2. Tools

The tools available in sun,

Sun Java Studio Creator, Sun Java Studio Enterprise, Sun Studio Software

3. Databases

1.      JavaDB

2.      PostgreSQL for Solaris

4. Operating System

They have Solaris Operating System

.5. APIs

They have developed lot of APIs for java in that few are here

HttpServer API, java.awt, javax.swing, javax.imageio, javax.sound, java.sql,, javax.crypto, java.awt.datatransfer.

6. Languages

They released the powerful language Java

7. DataBase

They have their own database JavaDB, HQL.

Products released by Microsoft:

1. Hardware

They are also released many hardware products
Key boards, mouse, Webcam, Broadband Networking Wireless Base Station, Wireless Adapters.

2. Operating System

Windows NT, windows 98, windows 2000 server, windows xp, windows vista, windows mobiles, MS-DOS, Xenix .

3. Middleware

`                 MSMQ, ADO.NET, IIS .


QBasic, Visual Basic, VBScript, c#, visual c++, ASP.NET, VB.NET


SQL Server
6. Others

Encarta, Encarta Premium 2007 , Student with Encarta Premium 2007 , Microsoft MapPoint , Windows Media Player , Windows Movie Maker , Microsoft Agent , Microsoft Digital Image , 3D Movie Maker

Products released by IBM:

1. Hardware

Microprocessors, Personal computers, Mainframe Computers, Printers, Modems, Storage Devices, Scanners.

2. Operating System

IBM 4690 Operating System, OS/2, IBSYS (IBM 7090/94 operating system), PC-DOS, DOS/360.



4. Middleware

Websphere, MQSeries, HttpServer, IBM workplace, IBM workplace with web content management.

5. Language

Assembly Language, FORTRAN, JCL batch job/scripting language for JES2/3, PL/I (Programming Language/one), PL/S (Programming Language/System)

6. Database

DB2, IBM Cloudscape.

Products released by APPLE:

Apple mainly released the Hardware Products.

1. Hardware

PCs, Laptops, IPhone, Ipod

2. Operating System

MAC OS, Leopard and Tiger. The Latest release is Leopard.

Products released by HP:

HP also released many products their major products are listed below,

1. Hardware

Notebooks, Personal Computer, Printers, Pocket pc, Scanners, Digital cameras, HP 9000 servers, HP Integrity servers, HP Telco servers.

2. Operating System


3. Middleware

HP Application Server (HP-AS)

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