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Products Released by Red Hat and SAP

August 10, 2009

Red Hat

RedHat is one of the larger and more recognized companies dedicated to free software / open source, and a major distributor of the Linux operating system. Red Hat was founded in 1995.

The company is best known for its enterprise-class operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and more recently through the acquisition of open source enterprise middleware vendor JBoss. Red Hat provides operating system platforms along with middleware, applications, and management solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services.

They have released the following products.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for Mainframes

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for HPC


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop

The above are the major products of Red Hat in this products they have released many versions.


SAP is a German based company. They are mainly releasing their products in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The company’s main product is SAP ERP. The name of its predecessor, SAP R/3 gives a clue to its functionality: the “R” stands for realtime (even though it is not a realtime solution), the number 3 relates to 3 tier client-server architecture (database layer, application layer and presentation layer) 3-tier architecture: database, application server and client (SAPgui). R/2, which ran on Mainframe architecture, was the first SAP version.

The five major enterprise applications that makes up SAP’s Business Suite is follows

1.      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

2.      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3.      Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

4.      Supply Chain Management (SCM)

5.      Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
They released the tools SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver and they have the application server SAP Web Application Server (Web AS), they have their own database MaxDB.

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