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Process Workflow in RUP

August 10, 2009
The process workflows are
  1. Business modeling workflow
  2. Requirements workflow
  3. Analysis & Design workflow
  4. Implementation workflow
  5. Test workflow
  6. Deployment workflow

Supporting workflows are
  1. Project Management workflow
  2. Configuration and Change Management workflow
  3. Environment workflow

Business modeling
In Business modeling document the business process called the business use case. This assure that understanding of the business process that what the customer expectation. This is documented in business object model.
It describes what the system must do and allow the developers and customers to agree on the description.
Analysis & Design
Performs the specific implementation environment task and functions specified in the use case descriptions. Easy to change if when functional requirements change.
Define organization of the code. Implement classes and object. Test the developed component as a unit and also integration testing is to be done.
Verify the interaction between objects.
Verify all requirements are correctly implemented.
Identify the defects and bugs.
RUP is an iterative approach which means testing can be done through out the project cycle so this allows finding the defects as early as possible
Producing external release of the software.
Packaging the software.
Distributing the software
Installing the software
Providing help and assist to the user
Planning and conducting the beta test
Migration of existing software
Formal acceptance
Project Management
Project Management is the balancing competing objectives, managing risk, and overcoming constraints to deliver, successfully, a product which meets the needs of both customers and the users.
Configuration and Change Management
Simultaneous update: When two or more worker works separately on the same artifact, the last one to make changes destroy the work of the pervious.
Multiple versions: Large programs are developed in evolutionary releases
Process and tools needed to support the development team.

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