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Planning Phase in SDLC

August 10, 2009
Planning Phase
Project plan includes
Project Overview: It provides outline of project plan. Should identify the project, project sponsor, and project manager, should describe the project goals, background information, and development strategies.
Roles and Responsibilities: project plan should define the responsibility of project sponsor, manager and team member.
Communication: Techniques to enhance the project efficiencies. Standard report forms, defined requirement document, meeting schedules.
Defined Deliverables: Clearly defined the expectation for successful completing the project.
Control Requirements: planning process involve designing and automated control and security features for application.
Risk Management: Managers should monitor, and mange the internal and external risk in project lifecycle.
Change Management: Modification of functional requirement during the software development life cycle.
Standards: Project plan should reference the applicable standards.
Documentation: Should identify the type and level of documentation
Scheduling: Identify and schedule major project phases and the task completed within each phase.
Budget: Manager should estimates the overall cost of the project. Manager should monitor the budget through out the project completion
Testing: Management should develop the testing plan that identify testing requirement and schedule the testing procedure through out the initial phase of the project.
Staff Development: Should develop the training plans that identify the training requirement and schedule the training procedure to ensure employees are able to use and maintain the application after implementation.
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