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Integration Service

August 10, 2009


-Integration is a process of combining or accumulating.

Most organizations have invested in multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in product life cycle. As the number and complexity of these applications grow, the need to integrate them becomes ever more critical. To succeed in this rapidly evolving business climate it is imperative that enterprises are able to access real-time data and gain a consolidated view of their business, accelerate business processes and reduce business cycle times.

Example: Integration

– Application to the Database integrate

Types of integration

Data Integration
Control Integration
Process Integration
Platform Integration
Presentation Integration
Communication Integration

System Integration

The process by which smaller pieces of software are brought together to form a larger piece of software that was designed to solve a problem

Digital integration

Allows data from one device or software to be read or manipulated by another, resulting in ease of use; see also XML
A user has a cell phone with a calendar, as well as a calendar on the Internet. Digital Integration would allow the user to synchronize the two, and the following features could result:
– The user could plan events and have other users notified.
– If the Public Digital Calendar is integral with a Blog, then the user could write about the event in it.
Enterprise application integration

Enterprise application integration, also known as systems integration, as the use of software and computer systems to bring together a set of enterprise computer applications
– Real time information access among systems
– Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency.
– Maintains information integrity across multiple systems
– Prohibitively high development costs, especially for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).
– EAI implementations are very time consuming, and need a lot of resources.
– Require a fair amount of up front design, which many managers are not able to envision or not  willing to invest in. Most EAI projects usually start off as point-to-point efforts, very soon becoming unmanageable as the number of applications increase.
IP integration
IP integration refers to the concept of adding Internet Protocol communications capability to more and more applications in the real world. It started out as a term referring mainly to the concept of involving the Internet at every level of the normal business operations.

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