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History of Gold and First license

August 10, 2009
History of Gold:
1. 1814 – Some convicts who were employed cutting a road to Bathurst rumored to have found a quantity of gold, and were only compelled to keep silence on the point by menaces and flogging.
2. 1823, February 15 – The first verified discovery of gold in the colonies was by Assistant Surveyor, James McBrian, who discovered gold on the Fish River, about 15 miles east of Bathurst, New South Wales
3. 1848 – Gold specimens found on the spurs of the Pyrenees Mountains, Victoria; exhibited in the shop window of Mr. Robe, jeweler, Melbourne.
4. 1849, January 31 – Gold discovered at the Pyrenees, Port Phillip, by a shepherd.
1849 – William Clarke junior, with William Vicary, found auriferous quartz at Smythesdale, Victoria.
5. 1851. January – Mr Austin brought to Sydney a nugget of gold worth ᅡᆪ35, which he found in the Bathurst District.
First License:
The first license was issued for Gold in Victoria on September 21, 1851.
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