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August 10, 2009
GPS is an abbreviation for global positioning system, which was used in the in the early 1970s by USA during the cold war to track the military and navy movements during covert operations.
How it works?
GPS tracking is a simple connection of three different components,
Main server with detailed maps.
The hardware is a GPS-GSM integrated device, which is installed in the vehicle and transmits the position of the vehicle from the satellite to the base station. The software application picks up the latitude/longitude data, which is finally sent to the web server where the position is displayed on the map. Therefore, the company needs to have a predefined-map on their server, which traces the actual position.
Bangalore-based EI Labs, which makes GPS devices for Toyota Kirloskar and Patel Roadways, has recently launched a product, which is basically a GPS device, combined with a Geographical Information System (maps) and an employee database.
Every 4-5 minutes, the device uploads the location as well as the time data to the server, where it is recorded. It also reports on the distance run per day. Since it runs independent of the odometer.
Google Earth plays a major role in their solution.
Ashok Leyland recently launched their indigenous GPS tracking system ‘Alert’ in joint collaboration with Siemens VDO.
2008 will see many companies opting for a GPS solution.
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