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Design Pattern

August 10, 2009
Design pattern often referred to as the Gang-Of-Four (because of the four authors who wrote it)
What is Design pattern?
A Design Pattern is a solution, which provides the solution to commonly occurring problems in software design. The Design Pattern is applied directly into code.
Object-oriented design patterns typically show relationships and interactions between classes or objects.
Algorithms and Patterns are different. Algorithms solve computational problems but design patterns deal specifically with problems at the level of software design.
Patterns are differs from Framework. A framework provides actual code. You use patterns in a framework to create the code.
Patterns are classified by their purpose and scope
1. Creational – related to object creation
2. Structural – concerning about structures created by class and
1. Behavior – which deals the common communication between
1. Class representation: uses class inheritance.
2. Object representation: uses object composition.
Creational design pattern
Creational design patterns are design patterns that deal with object creation.
Some examples of creational design patterns include:
ᅡᄃ Abstract factory pattern
ᅡᄃ Factory method pattern
ᅡᄃ Builder pattern
ᅡᄃ Lazy initialization pattern
ᅡᄃ Object pool
ᅡᄃ Prototype pattern
ᅡᄃ Singleton pattern
Structural Design Patterns
Structural Design Patterns are Design Patterns that concerning about structures created by class and objects
Examples of Structural Patterns include:
ᅡᄃ Adapter pattern
ᅡᄃ Aggregate pattern
ᅡᄃ Bridge pattern
ᅡᄃ Composite pattern
ᅡᄃ Decorator pattern
ᅡᄃ Extensibility pattern
ᅡᄃ Facade pattern
ᅡᄃ Flyweight pattern
ᅡᄃ Proxy pattern
ᅡᄃ Pipes and filters
ᅡᄃ Private class data pattern
Behavioral design patterns
Behavioral design patterns are design patterns that identify common communication patterns between objects and realize these patterns
Examples of this type of design pattern include:
ᅡᄃ Chain of responsibility pattern
ᅡᄃ Command pattern
ᅡᄃ Interpreter pattern
ᅡᄃ Iterator pattern
ᅡᄃ Mediator pattern
ᅡᄃ Memento pattern
ᅡᄃ Null Object pattern
ᅡᄃ Observer pattern
ᅡᄃ State pattern
ᅡᄃ Strategy pattern
ᅡᄃ Specification pattern
ᅡᄃ Template method pattern
ᅡᄃ Visitor pattern
ᅡᄃ Single-serving visitor pattern
ᅡᄃ Hierarchical visitor pattern
ᅡᄃ data structure
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