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Cost estimation model SLIM

August 10, 2009
SLIM Software lifecycle Management
It is the first algorithm tic cost model. It is called as macro estimation cost model mainly for the large project. Functions performed in software cost estimator are,
Calibration: Represent the software development environment by interpreting a historical database of past project.
Build: Collecting the software characteristic
Software sizing: LOC costing techniques
The algorithm is
K= (LOC / (C * t^4/3)) * 3
Where K is total life cycle effort in working years
T is Development
C is the technology constant, combining the tools, languages, methodology, and quality assurance time in years.
Uses the linear programming to consider development constraints on both cost and effort
SLIM has fewer parameters needed to generate an estimate over COCOMO 81 and COCOMO 11
Not suitable for small project.
Estimates are extremely sensitive to the technology factor
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