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Challenges in Technical Writing

August 10, 2009

Simple Writing

Any type of documents should be simple, precise, concise, unambiguous and grammatically perfect because user can understand quickly and they will be able to handle product easily by referring technical document

Quick Writing (Deadline)

Starting date and ending date (deadline) is very important in corporate sector. You have to conscious about deadline while starting to write the document.

Understand the Audience

Understanding subject or product as well as audience is one of the major challenges for technical writers. You need to understand the audience requirements and try to satisfy through writing.

Learning Software Tools

Software Company requires person who preferably needs to be comfortable with different tools such as MS Word, Robohelp HTML, FramMaker, SnagIt, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver etc .Because companies have no time to train you.

Document Design

Creativity is more important in technical communication. Technical writer should concentrate on design part of the project or document. He / She should know affective, physical and cognitive design.

Understand the Subject /Product

Now a days software companies launching more and more complicated/ structured products. To understand those and make simpler is biggest challenge.

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