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Care Project — FAQ’s

August 10, 2009
SunLink Project — FAQ’s
  1. What are the Modules in Sunlink Project?
There are two modules we are going to develop:
Policy Admin
  1. What is TO and VO?
Data Transfer Objects (DTO), also known as Value Objects or VO, are a design pattern used to transfer data between software application subsystems. DTOs are often used in conjunction with Data Access Objects to retrieve data from a database.
The Object between the front end (flex) and business logic is TO and the object between the business logic and the backend is VO
  1. What is Dozer?
Dozer is a simple, capable Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another. Dozer is a mapping framework. In Sunlink project we use dozer to convert TO object to VO Objects
  1. How Objects stored in DB?
In Sunlink project TO object are converted to VO and stored in DB.
  1. How Values showed in front-end?
In Sunlink project the objects retrieved from db as VO objects and converted to TO and displayed in front end.
  1. What are the advantages of Dozer?
Save Lines of Code
Easy to Manage Mappings through XML
Auto conversion (int to String etc., but values should be appropriate)
Exclude Attributes through configuration
Different Mapping Config for Different Scenario￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs
  1. Testing Approach?
In Sunlink project we follow JUnit testing approach.
Code Coverage should be 60%
Junit Test cases to be written at every layer
Test Data Cleanup
All Test Data Created should be Cleaned, so to say any Insert Test case will be followed by a Delete test case
  1. What is session bean?
Session beans represent the business services and are not shared between users. A session bean provides coarse-grained service methods when implemented per the Session Facade pattern.
  1. What is Entity bean?
Entity beans, on the other hand, are multi-user, transactional objects representing persistent data. An entity bean exposes the values of attributes by providing an access or method (also referred to as a getter or get method) for each attribute it wishes to expose.
  1. Why we use Transfer Objects?
Use a Transfer Object to encapsulate the business data. A single method call is used to send and retrieve the Transfer Object. When the client requests the enterprise bean for the business data, the enterprise bean can construct the Transfer Object, populate it with its attribute values, and pass it by value to the client.
  1. What is flex?
Adobe Flex is an open source application development solution for building rich internet applications.Flex enables you to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems.
  1. Why we use mapper class?
We user mapper class to convert TO Objects to VO and VO Objects to TO Objects
13.How to create custom component in Flex?
Custom components can be created in Flex Ide.
Create a new MXML Component, with our own design and save that design as new component.
This component can be drag and dropped anywhere it is needed.

15.What is Rich Internet application?

  • Rich Internet applications (RIA) are Web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications.
  • RIAs typically transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the Web client but keep the bulk of the data (i.e., maintaining the state of the program, the data etc) back on the application server.
16.What is Entity TO?
Entity TO is used to create a unique key for each row in database table.
18. How to add Code Styles?
In Eclipse go to Window￯﾿テ￯ᄒᅠPreferences menu go to Java>code templates>
Code>New Java Files
Change the code￯﾿テ￯ᄒᅠNew Java Files to
*@author Your Name(Your ACF2)
17.What is the design patterns used in presentation layer in sunlink project?
Front Controller
Value Object
Business Delegate
Service Locator
18.What is the design patterns used in Business Layer in sunlink project?
Session Faade
Application Controller
Value Object
Factory Pattern
19.What is the design patterns used in Data Layer in sunlink project?
Data Access Object
21.How will you modify Mock Database implementation into Hibernate database implementation?
In comment the SunLinkDAOFactoryMock and UnComment SunLinkDAOFactoryHibernate.
publicstatic SunlinkDAOFactory getDAOFactory() {
//TODO read from properties file
//        returnnew SunlinkDAOFactoryMock();
/     return new SunlinkDAOFactoryHibernate();
22.What is ObjectStore in SunLink Project?
ObjectStore is the class that stores object. In this class we store mock datas using collections.
23.What is ResultVO?
The ResultVO is the object having the resultcode and data
24.What is the use of AppService?
All Validations, mapping and Dao happens in AppService class
25.How will you perform crud operation in DB?
CrudAppService provide the ability to perform crud operations.
26.Which is the class for hibernate configuration in sunlink project?
In this file all database configuration details are configured
27.Where will you map the hibernate OR mapping files in Sunlink?
In all OR mapping files are configured
privatestaticvoid addMappings(final Configuration config) {
String mappingsDir =
config.addResource(mappingsDir + “Sponsor.hbm.xml”);
config.addResource(mappingsDir + “SpsrAddress.hbm.xml”);
config.addResource(mappingsDir + “SpsrPhoneNumber.hbm.xml”);
29. What is MXML?
MXML is a variation of XML introduced with Macromedia’s Flex application server. It is used to declaratively lay out the interface of applications. Various tags can be employed for providing objects such as data grids, trees, tabs, accordions, and menus. Flex applications are rendered using the Flash player.
30. What is Action Script in Flex?
  1. Action Script is the object-oriented programming language used for Flex development.
  2. Flex developers use Action Script to write client-side logic, such as event listeners and call-back functions, or to define custom types for the client application. For example, the following code shows the definition of the Customer class.
31. What is Cairngorm?
  • Cairngorm is an architectural framework designed and maintained by the Adobe Developer Center.
  • Cairngorm enhances Flex development by providing a standard architecture and methodology for handling user gestures on the client and mapping them to business logic and server interactions through a centralized client controller.
32. What is shared objects?
  • Shared objects function like browser cookies.
  • Using this class to store data on the user’s local hard disk and call that data during the same session or in a later session.
  • Applications can access only their own Shared Object data and only if they are running on the same domain. The data is not sent to the server and is not accessible by other Flex applications running on other domains, but can be made accessible by applications from the same domain.
33. How do I get list of users and convert it to TO?
We can get the list of user in collection as VO and using the method mapVOCollection() in VOMapperFactory class we can convert list of users into TO.
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