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Benifits, Advantages and Disadvantages of Standards

August 10, 2009
Benefits of Standards:
There are lots of benefits of using standards, like
1. Market Growth for new and emerging technologies.
2. Reduce development time and cost
3. Reduce market risks
4. Standards set the recognized level of quality.
5. Increase productivity and enhance efficiency
6. Ultimately reduce cost for consumers
7. Standards ensure that products perform the functions manufactured for.
8. Standards facilitate interchangeability of products and services designed for the same purpose
Advantages of Standards:
There are many advantages of using standards, they are,
Reducing costs
Increasing productivity
Reducing unnecessary variety
Ensuring interchangeability
Minimizing waste
Ensuring safety
Quality assurance
Disadvantages of standards:
There are lots of disadvantages also for using standards, for example we can take a coding standard,
1. The implementation of standard removes the creative element of the program
2. Standards force people to change their methods
3. Standards reduce productivity by forcing unnecessary actions
4. Standards do not prevent bugs.
There are some disadvantages to follow some International standards, Example ISO,
Major disadvantage of using ISO is Amount of money, time and paperwork required for registration.
An ISO certificate does not guarantee that the company delivers products in a superior quality. It just certifies the company.

Helps to mislead companies into thinking that certification means better quality.

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